Hi! I'm Coach Aifa Ahmad!

I am a Certified Mindfulness Coach and a Community Wellbeing Facilitator. As a Freelance Trainer for the past 19 years, I help others to discover the best versions of themselves through self-awareness towards finding their definition of happiness.

Throughout my 10 years experience in the wellness industry, I realized the importance of the mindset as well as how our thoughts and emotions can affect our actions which can then affect or enhance our wellbeing.

Womenpreneurs Inner Circle To Success

As a Womenpreneur for 10 years, Aifa Ahmad realizes the importance of creating a Community and Support Group to support other Womenpreneurs especially since the pandemic, which has affected so many businesses. WICTS is an initiative for her to pay it forward to other Womenpreneurs to come together to network and support one another.


In the year 2019, she began her journey as a Mindfulness Practitioner and is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher and coach who strives in impacting others in enhancing their wellbeing through Mindfulness. Aifa and Centre For Mindfulness was recently featured in a Documentary by Channel News Asia – ‘To Achieve Happiness’ where she was a Mindfulness Coach to the Mindfulness Based Wellbeing Enhancement Programme (MBWE) to Munah Bagarib. You may view the video of the documentary below.

Chat me up!

Would love to meet up with you over a cup of coffee or perhaps tea. 

Just leave me a message so that I can arrange a meetup online or offline the soonest!

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