The Humble Beginnings of A Demure Mumpreneur: Begin With The End In Mind

When You Change Your Thoughts, You Change Your World  

The more time I spent learning about Mindfulness, I notice that the world around me started to change as well  

Life’s problems and challenges didn’t go away overnight after spending 2 years, after becoming a certified Mindfulness Trainer  

What changed?  

Whenever there was a crisis in the business, or a difficult conversation that needed with the family, instead of jumping to my emotions, I’m now able to pause, process and respond a bit more calmly and confidently  

As a Muslimah, I even found myself being more khusyuk performing my 5 daily prayers.   

New opportunities came through as I became appointed as the Country Director for Centre For Mindfulness – Malaysia, a Relationship Manager under Centre For Mindfulness – Singapore and conducting sessions for companies like International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) , Pertapis and Malay Youth Literary Association 4PM. 

Alhamdulillah, the journey has shaped me into a much more confident Womenpreneur, Responsible Wife, loving Mother and an even more faithful Muslimah  

My journey doesn’t end here  

After having found my true calling as the first Muslimah Mindfulness Coach in Asia, I’m on a mission as Coach Aifa Ahmad to help many others who are struggling to become a better version of themselves   

If my struggles as a Wife, Mother and Womenpreneur relates to you and you wish to find a listening ear and new ideas to help you   

I would like to invite you to join The Womenpreneurs Inner Circle To Success  

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