The Humble Beginnings of a Demure Mumpreneur: The Missing Piece of The Puzzle

[Continuation of My Story…Part 3]

This Might Be My Last Chance To Chase My Dreams…

If I fail again this time, I may have to drop everything and focus entirely on my kids and family

I wanted to continue my journey to help other Women like myself achieve their ambitions without sacrificing their health and wellbeing

I wanted to be able to give them the guidance and support when they are feeling lost and burnt out

I wanted to be able to guide them to opportunities

I started looking through my network I’ve build up over the years, trying to find new ideas and inspirations

Alhamdulillah, my conversation with Michelle, brought me to learn about Mindfulness 

After putting myself through the various Mindfulness programs and courses, I felt like this was ‘it’.

The missing piece of puzzle that I have been looking for the next phase of my life


–         Many of my circle of Mothers, Wives and Womenpreneurs experience high level of stress, especially during this pandemic, trying to meet the demands of family and their work

–        Mental Health still has a strong stigma within our society, and not many are willing to seek knowledge or help

–        Many still confuse Mindfulness or mental health practises as being not relevant to our lives as Muslims

Having gone through all these and being a trainer my entire life, I felt like this was my calling to make a difference in the lives of those who have no one to turn to

I embarked on a journey for the next 2 years, learning about Mindfulness 

Indeed, something changed in my life, and I will reveal that in my next and final post to conclude my story 💙

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