The Humble Beginnings of a Demure Mumpreneur: Wife, Mother & Entrepreneur

[Continuation of My Story…Part 2]

The Weight On My Shoulders Gets Heavier By The Day

Nearly a decade into the business and we were still looking for a significant breakthrough

Juggling different roles, a business owner, a Wife and Mother to two beautiful children weighs heavy on my shoulders and my heart.

My kids were going through the most beautiful phases of their lives and I was worried about missing them, a growing family also meant growing expenses, time spent on business also meant time away from focusing on my relationship with my husband.

The pressure was so huge, every decision made will affect the future of my family and my business.

And when I needed support the most, it was painful to have the closest ones to me being the strongest naysayers. 

It was so challenging that I had to go through counselling to improve my relationship and communication with my husband

At my lowest moment then, I was introduced to Mindfulness practises by my friend and mentor, Michelle

In 2019, after going through counselling sessions, learning about Mindfulness and reflecting about my future, I didn’t like where my future was heading and I decided β€˜Enough was Enough’

I want to make a change, a better life, a fulfilling life 

An idea sparked! πŸ’‘ 

I spoke to my husband about this new idea and my plans for this new future

We agreed to make this new vision a reality, but this might also be my last try pursuing my dreams

If I fail this time, I may have to stop what I am doing totally and focus on my role as a wife and mother

I just cannot imagine failing and giving up everything, so I decided to find help. 

The story doesn’t end here, will share more in my next post InsyaAllah


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I remembered starting my Mumpreneur journey 12 years ago, a decision that was made after becoming a wife and becoming a new mother to start