Health Is Wealth Series: Is Wellness Costly?

Sometime in December 2020, I had the opportunity to explore a collaborative FB Live: Health Is Wealth Series with Azura Azzahar, a wealth specialist who helps others in the area of finance and investment. Currently, even though she is in the road to recovery after childbirth, we are in the midst of planning upcoming event collaborations in the coming months.

As a Wellness Coach for the past 8 years, I have spent time interacting with various clients supporting them in their Wellness Journey. Most of the concerns were mostly finance where many have voiced out that investing on certain healthy food, tools, supplements or knowledge for their health is costly. However, it is basically the mindset shift of what is of priority to us at the current moment. It also also taking the effort to explore options that are affordable depending on our lifestyle and it goes back to our spending habits. Are we spending our money towards areas that are beneficial to us and others? Do we have savings to standby for ‘rainy days’? Do spend sometime watching the video below and what are some areas that you can learn from the conversation with myself and Azura?

I have also seen a rise of awareness with regards to the importance of health education by various initiatives in the community. Previously, the emphasis was more towards physical health. Since the pandemic, it has now shifted to mental wellness and wellbeing. This is definitely a concern.

There has also been a rise of various health products being sold in the market with various benefits, however how do we know which products best suits our body?

It goes back to knowledge and research. It is also important to notice your body changes such as monitoring energy levels, recovery from illness and other factors. If you need more support in this area, especially in monitoring your body signals do reach out to me.

In the video, I shared about the Wellness Wheel which encompasses the areas of our Wellness and if you have to choose 1 area to work on what would it be?

Awareness is the start of your journey towards better health and wellness. What are you doing about it after being aware of those concerns?

It is okay to seek help. Azura will be able to assist you in your financial wellness and I will be here to support you in other areas of your wellbeing. I am just a call away.

In my next blogpost, I will be sharing information on tips and methods that has worked for me so far. Do keep a lookout for it!



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