Health Is Wealth Series by Aifa & Azura: How The Aulora Series Wearable Technology Has Benefitted Us

During the 2nd part of our Health Is Wealth Series FB Live, myself and Azura emphasized a bit more on SELF-Awareness and the importance in prioritizing our own wellbeing first which is important before we can help others. During the FB live, we were sharing the benefits of the Aulora Kodenshi Technology that has benefitted the both of us.

The evolution in technology has become part of our lives and it is up to us to further research on it and once we are able to embrace it, there is so much that we can benefit from it.

My Discovery with the Aulora Kodenshi Wearable Technology started in August 2020. I was introduced to the product by 2 of my good friends, Mariam and Zariah who shared with me their own health concerns and how the pants have benefitted them. I was facing aches and pains myself especially lower back pain and womb issues and as an active person, I have always believed in how compression tights can support our muscles post recovery.

My First Aulora Kodenshi Pants

Knowing how the Technology’s Fabric has Infrared Technology, I was even more amazed and excited as after giving birth to my 2nd baby, I actually invested on an Infrared Sauna for myself. The only challenge with the Sauna is that I had to put aside time to be in it and knowing that the Aulora Series is a wearable technology, I just had to get it for myself and knowing I can benefit from it daily definitely excites me! I can wear it for 24 hours!

After The presentation on the Aulora Kodenshi Technology via virtual zoom with Mariam, Zariah and Dian without hesitation, I bought 2 pairs for myself. I had to measure my hip and waist with a measuring tape and check the size which I need to get for myself.

Why 2 pairs?

So that when I had to wash 1 of it, I can still wear the other one to experience its daily benefits. For best results and to get better blood circulation it is best to wear the pants daily. Minimum 8 hours.

What are some benefits that I have experienced?

  • Reduced muscle tension on my legs
  • Womb feels Supported
  • Back Pain Reduced
  • Sleep Better at Night
  • Faster Recovery After Workout
  • Better Mood Regulation
  • No More Plantar Fascitis
  • Regular Bowel Movement
  • Daily Massage

Even after 1 year, I still experienced so many new benefits that I have discovered from wearing the pants. As a Mindfulness Practitioner myself, I experience better clarity of the Mind especially when when doing daily tasks. In fact, with better blood circulation, oxygen will flow smoothly through our body and in our minds which helps with our overall wellbeing. Therefore, when we take supplements, we will get its maximum benefits and our recovery is faster since it will absorb better through our blood stream.

How To Purchase?

You will need your own ID membership to purchase via the app or BE Website Platform which costs $20 for 1 year to enjoy membership prices and rebates. That is where the authenticity of the product is guaranteed.


At the end of the day, we are our own best investment. When we invest on ourselves, then we are able to help others around us to the best of our ability.

If you would like a bit more clarity on the Aulora Kodenshi Technology, do not hesitate to connect and arrange with me for a Virtual or offline meet. I will be glad to further assist you.



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