WICTS: Womenpreneurs Inner Circle To Success

How did WICTS got started?

WICTS was started by Coach Aifa Ahmad in April 2021 during the pandemic. From 5 members the group has expanded to 55 members.

Since the pandemic, it has affected so many lives and families and more home based and online businesses are now starting up.

Coach Aifa had interacted with many womenpreneurs where they shared their challenges and ideas thus she decided to come up with this initiative to gather womenpreneurs, solopreneurs and freelancers through this support group.

The intention of this support group both online and offline is for:-

1.Networking and learning from other womenpreneurs of different backgrounds

2. Sharing of stories and experiences

3. Guest speakers from experts from industries related to business and entrepreneurship

4. Brainstorm ideas and events that can be conducted to support businesses

5. Conversations with existing womenpreneurs and soon to be womenpreneurs who lack of resources
6. Ideas on how most womenpreneurs may be selling the same products and the possibilities of collaboration
7. Providing a safe space for womenpreneurs to share experiences and vulnerabilities without being judged

What is the WICTS Thematic Events?

Every Month there will be events & activities lined up for WICTS members. The members are welcomed to come up with ideas, activities or events that they would like to propose! The Thematic events will focus on certain themes and are conducted once a month:

🌸 Movement Mondays
– Activities to keep us active

🌸Training Tuesdays
– Lunchtime Workshops or Training Sessions to improve our skills and knowledge that can support us in our various ventures

🌸Wellbeing Wednesdays
– Wellbeing & Self care programmes to support us in our wellbeing and mental health

🌸Think Thank Thursdays
– monthly meet up for us to come together to brainstorm and discuss on future collabs

🌸Fun Family Fridays
– Evening Activities where we can bring along our family members and bond with the WICTS members and community

💎WICTS Expert Series
– Workshops conducted by the Experts who are WICTS members themselves. Incentives are given for referrals for WICTS members when a prospect signs up for the workshop. Incentives are determined by the experts.

💎WICTS Networking cum Inner Circle Sharings
– Our Monthly Inner Circle Sharings where we share what we do, the support that we need, our progress and challenges of our various ventures to help us move forward.

💎WICTS Collabs
– These are events or activities organised and led by our members or various WICTS Partners who are representing their own companies, ventures, organisations or personal branding. 

How to be a WICTS Member?

Just by joining our event, activity or our FB Closed group, you are already a WICTS Member. As a member, you may contribute in these areas:


      1. Contributing a small token of $5 minimum when you join any of our activities or events.

      1. Letting us know the areas that you can contribute depending on your skills or strengths.

      1. Barter Trading with your services or products.

      1. For #WICTSExperts whom are charging your workshops, to have a special rate for the members.

      1. For those with products, to provide special promotional pricing for the members as we would like to support each other within the WICTS community.

    Some of our Success Stories & Members Progress

    To be a WICTS member, you may sign up via our membership form:



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