WICTS Member Feature: Amy Kang

How did you get to know about WICTS?
I get to know WICTS through a old colleague and friend from the outdoors education work, Michelle Ow. Thanks to Michelle, I get to know such a great group!

What was most memorable in WICTS for you?
I still have more to explore with WICTS but I enjoy the chillin sessions with the ladies at karaoke and makan talk. I also attended a TikTok class and it was really enlightening!

What motivates you to be part of WICTS?

I would say the culture and leadership of WICTS sets it apart from other groups.
WICTS advocates a selfless way of sharing and the founder, Aifa is a warm and dynamic lady. Together with her team, I am sure WICTS will shine in the near future!

How can others contact you if they would like to get connected with you?
They are welcome to connect with me via my FB page, IG and Tiktok.

Alternatively, they can drop me a whatapps at +65 96944295.

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